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Exclusive for companies, Increase your income and grow your business

Increase your income and grow your business

Ardizi is a first -level SEO agency with a proven history of growth of contractor companies to millions in income through the optimization of search engines. We create personalized SEO strategies that focus on generating income and adapt to the needs of our customers.

SEO Landing

For companies that generate
-50k annually

SEO Professional

For companies that generate
+50K - $ 400K annually

SEO Advanced

For companies that generate
+400K - $ 800K annually

SE0 Proplus

For companies that generate
+800K annually


Exclusive for companies
Increase your income and grow your business

Our process

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Its commercial objectives

We understand that it may be difficult to have a digital marketing idea that attaches your goals.
That is why our experienced consultants work with you and define them so that we can create a plan that will help you achieve those goals!

Comprehensive digital audit

Through the use of a wide range of SEO tools, our identical team and prioritizes the elements of your website that will provide you with the greatest benefit.

Keyword research and strategy

With an exhaustive analysis of the most popular search terms, our team helps you identify the most valuable keywords for your company.
We do this through the use of keyword tools that show us how People are looking for and what are interested in knowing about certain topics or products on the search engine results (SERP) of Google.

Optimization on the page

Using a research and optimization map, our SEO applies optimizations on the page to its website.
We monitor all the changes we make so that you can see how effective the plan is as you advance.

Content creation

We will create original and attractive content to attract your customers and have a good performance in the search engines classifications.

Monitoring and optimization

We continuously supervise the performance of your site.
Verify the analytical data and the general state, so that we can be aware of its classification in the market and make changes and optimizations based on that data.